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Amphetamine: Uses, side effects, and contraindications

After withdrawal, the Narconon program guides each person through an intensive detoxification phase called New Life Detoxification. Through running to get the blood circulating, followed by time in a dry-heat sauna to sweat out the drugs, and good nutirition and

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Symptom Stages for Alcohol Withdrawal

Meanwhile, the brain is producing more and more neurotransmitters, making a person further imbalanced. Some symptoms, such as irritability, fatigue, and sleep disturbances, may persist over time while the body adjusts to the lack of alcohol. Individuals may also want

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10 Ways People Get Drunk without Drinking

The buzz that I was feeling was a kind of placebo effect, produced by aroma and taste but also by the dimly lit taproom, the stools, the bar, and us in a close circle, talking and drinking. The body typically

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Cognitive behavioural interventions in addictive disorders PMC

Functional imaging is increasingly being incorporated in treatment outcome studies (e.g., [133]) and there are increasing efforts to use imaging approaches to predict relapse [134]. While the overall number of studies examining neural correlates of relapse remains small at present,

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