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What Is a Meme? The Meaning and History The New York Times

what is the to be continued meme

“Memes that really go viral, that really take off, can cross boundaries. So, they can be legible to lots of different kinds of groups.” However, some memes can be dark and can potentially spread disinformation. The easiest way to help you create custom videos, no design skills needed. Log in to follow creators, like videos, and view comments. Though he describes himself as a “free speech absolutist”, Musk’s approach to moderation and censorship has been anything but. These late-night tweet storms, banning sprees and ludicrous lawsuits are not designed to protect free speech, or even to uphold the US constitution (which does not and should not apply to Australians anyway).

How has the “To Be Continued” meme impacted internet culture?

For instance, an image of a dog making a side-eye glance can be utilized in a meme to call an idea or scenario into question or to denote suspicion. In the anime, the song can be heard during the final few minutes of the “Phantom Blood”[4] and “Battle Tendency”[5] arcs to get the viewer hyped up for the next episode, before it was subsequently replaced by “Walk Like an Egyptian” in “Stardust Crusaders”. Musk also found the time to mock the prime minister, Anthony Albanese, in between briefing his lawyers, to entertain and titillate his followers. If anyone wants to see a 16-year-old-boy allegedly attack bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel with a knife they should damn well have the right to. While the two images were not connected in the beginning, they come together to form a meme featuring former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong yelling at a white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables. Armstrong’s facial expression denote anger and frustration, while the cat looks equally as bothered and unenthused.

The Roots of This Ridiculous Meme Predate the Internet

He also has the right to ban the accounts of people he doesn’t agree with and launch lawsuits if our government irritates him. But the platform he took over is a global platform, and what happens on it consequently impacts 421 million users, 5.8 million of whom are Australian. In other words, memes are similar to viruses — they spread, replicate and make their way into facets of culture, leaving lasting impacts on history, similar to how viruses infect populations. The word now is defined as “the study of memes” but memetics describes how ideas reproduce, change and evolve. Dawkins used “meme” to represent any piece of cultural information or content which operates via replication, alteration and mutation, surviving through dissemination.

  1. All you need is a video clip, the “To Be Continued” screen, and the “Roundabout” song.
  2. The earliest known usage of this meme stems from “Danksmash” remix of the Squidward Dab (shown below), which was uploaded to Vine on January 27th, 2016.
  3. In both cases, the JoJo ending from Phantom Blood is applied to the existing memes of Squidward dabbing and Hank Hill listens to X.
  4. In the anime, the song can be heard during the final few minutes of the “Phantom Blood”[4] and “Battle Tendency”[5] arcs to get the viewer hyped up for the next episode, before it was subsequently replaced by “Walk Like an Egyptian” in “Stardust Crusaders”.

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The inspiration for this meme was the abrupt ending of an episode, with “To Be Continued,” during an infamous series cliffhanger. While Phantom Blood was still airing, the earliest precursor to the meme began circulating. More in the vein of a mashup than a codified internet joke, the video borrows the JoJo outro elements, overlaying them onto the ending of a Madoka Magika episode intended to draw a parallel between two similar moments in these shows. It would be two more years before Crunchyroll—the anime streaming service—made Phantom Blood available to a global audience. One might argue that Musk has every right to make fun of our laws and our government on his own timeline and on his own dime. He bought the platform for billions of dollars, he can do what he wants over there.

what is the to be continued meme

All you need is a video clip, the “To Be Continued” screen, and the “Roundabout” song. There are even online tools and apps available that make it easy to add these elements to your videos. The “To Be Continued” meme is entertaining because it combines humor, suspense, and surprise.

Just as there are gene pools of different iterations and characteristics due to replication over time, there are meme pools based on the same principles. Episodes of Season 1 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would end by playing the song “Roundabout” by British band Yes. The frame would then freeze, and an arrow would slide across the screen containing the text “To Be Continued.” The show would then cut to credits.

The “To Be Continued” meme has had a significant impact on internet culture by increasing engagement, fostering community building, and providing a platform for creative expression. It has become a popular and widely recognized meme, influencing the way people interact and share content online. As the popularity of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” grew, fans began to create their own versions of the “To Be Continued” ending, using it as a humorous way to create suspense in various contexts. These fan-made videos often feature unexpected or anticlimactic moments, with the “To Be Continued” screen and the “Roundabout” song adding an element of surprise and amusement. Many of the earliest JoJo memes poked fun at poor translations.

As users started creating their own versions of the meme, it spread rapidly across social media platforms, captivating a wide audience. The “To Be Continued” meme originated from the Japanese manga and anime series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” In this series, the author, Hirohiko Araki, frequently uses cliffhangers and suspenseful endings to keep readers engaged. One of the most memorable instances of this technique occurs at the end of each episode of the anime adaptation, where the phrase “To Be Continued” appears on the screen, accompanied by the “Roundabout” song.

The unexpected transitions to the “To Be Continued” screen, accompanied by the catchy “Roundabout” song, create a delightful and amusing experience for viewers. Know Your Meme lists the first instance of To Be Continued as being posted to Vine on January 27th, although markedly less popular (extremely loud) Vines from creator Flozzeraxe predate this. In both cases, the JoJo ending from Phantom Blood is applied to the existing memes of Squidward dabbing and Hank Hill listens to X.

This meme, often accompanied by the iconic “Roundabout” song by the band Yes, has taken social media platforms by storm, captivating millions of users worldwide. In this article, we will explore the origins of the “To Be Continued” meme, its alpari review cultural impact, and why it has become such a viral sensation. In 2012, an anime adaptation of the first JoJo story arc, Phantom Blood, was broadcast in Japan. Despite taking place in 1880s England, the series borrows heavily from 70s rock.

While you can use a popular image or person, such as Kim Kardashian yawning, you can use any random thing to make a meme. So long as the emotion and meaning behind the creation is recognizable and identifiable, you have made a meme, said Ingram-Waters. If you have spent any time scrolling through the internet, you have probably encountered a meme. From Grumpy Cat to Spider-Man pointing at another version of himself, memes are constantly being shared and altered over time. FlexClip is a simple yet powerful video maker and editor for everyone. We help users easily create compelling video content for personal or business purposes without any learning curve.

Characters Dio Brando, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Will A. Zeppeli, Bruford, and Tonpetty, are laughably bald references. As in the meme, each episode ends with a “To Be Continued” arrow—a sepia freeze frame timed to coincide with the bass and drum hits in the first track on Yes’ 1971 double platinum album Fragile. The arrow and freeze frame would remain a staple of future seasons, while “Roundabout,” to the chagrin of progressive rock fans, would not. In January, the videos started creeping onto YouTube, Vine, and Tumblr. The “To Be Continued” meme gained popularity through its humorous and unexpected nature.

This spawned it’s use online in jokes where people would do a similar thing and leave the viewer with eagerness to see what happened next to much comedic effect. It has recently spread to vine and other websites where people enjoy creating and watching them. The internet is a treasure trove of memes, and one that has gained significant popularity in recent years is the “To Be Continued” meme.

It’s creator, Hirohiko Araki, has worked on it more or less continuously since 1986. But it took until 2003 for JoJo to officially cross the Pacific, where a Toonami-primed Western audience was finally able to read the translated series which follows multiple generations of fighting men, all nicknamed JoJo. As we saw during the aftermath of the Bondi attack last week when a false name and identity of the attacker went viral on X and the wrong name even made it on to a Channel Seven report, posts on X can have real-world adverse consequences on our soil. Likewise, extremely violent content has the potential to exacerbate distress and cause riots or further violence – as we saw after the Wakeley attack when a riot broke out outside the Sydney church. People can insert whatever statement, phrase or saying into the meme so long as it relates back to the emotions displayed, making it resonate with a demographic. A meme is an idea shortcut, triggering an understanding of something in multiple ways, said Ingram-Waters.

Poor localization made the series easy fodder for early English-speaking internet boards, and it’s intentionally ridiculous nature made it meme bait from the very beginning. “Roundabout” is a 1971 progressive rock song by the British rock band Yes. At least, that is how he wishes to portray it to his more than 180 million followers. There are a a lot of memes going around with a video of something random happening then it freezes and displays a filter with an arrow pointing to the right with the words “To Be Continued” on it while the song “Roundabout” By the band “Yes” plays. I’m really curious why this is so popular and where did it come from. As a result, memes are a cultural equivalent to a gene in the sense they are passed from person-to-person and can be the basis for an evolutionary process.

In February, To Be Continued got a dedicated YouTube channel, which has since garnered nearly 5 million views in total, and by all accounts is primarily responsible for popularizing the meme. A thread on Reddit’s OutOfTheLoop indicates this was approximately when To Be Continued began to extend beyond fans of the anime series. Remember how a soap opera is usually cut with “to be continued” just to be viewed the other week? The To Be Continued meme can formally be defined as an appealing way to interrupt a video expected to be viewed next time. This is often used in videos that show moments that have to do with injuries, car crashes, destruction, etc. The meme was first seen in the 1989 movie, Sleeping with the Past, and ever since then, it has been seen in use on various television series and movies alike.

what is the to be continued meme

If it has a message or meaning behind it, anything can be a meme. A meme can include a video, image, text, GIF, among other mediums. “Memes have to be translatable within a particular demographic group — a group that has a shared language, shared meanings, shared culture,” she explained.

They are designed to silence his critics and entertain his followers. The term “meme” was coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book, “The Selfish Gene.” Along with memes comes memetics. The earliest known usage of this meme stems from “Danksmash” remix of the Squidward Dab (shown below), which was uploaded to Vine on January 27th, 2016.

Some linguists argue that humans have used memes to communicate for centuries. Memes are widely known as conduits for cultural conversations and an opportunity to participate in internet trends (trust us, The Times is on it). Even if you’re not extremely online, you’ve probably participated in a meme trend, knowingly or not. The “To Be Continued” meme is widely accessible because it relies on visual cues rather than language. The “To Be Continued” screen and the “Roundabout” song are universally recognizable, allowing people from different cultures and backgrounds to enjoy and create their own versions of the meme.

For his part, Flozzeraxe does not claim to have created the meme and recalls being exposed to an earlier iteration on iFunny which has yet to be found and may have since been deleted. “The woman who’s upset and the cat who’s staring at her in an accusatory way that can be recreated with other animals. It can be recreated with people,” said Ingram-Waters. “You could rant. You can just put very random things in there. But that juxtaposition (of emotions) itself has become the memetic device.”

We also often see this meme on some YouTube videos, but unlike what is obtainable on TV, it is usually used as “we will be back.” As useful as the To Be Continued Meme can be, it takes both a great tool and skill to arrive at a perfect outcome. Below, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this with ease. Many of the most popular anime in recent years, like Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan, were broadcast simultaneously in Japan and online—and the same became true of the most recent JoJo season, Diamond Is Unbreakable (DIU). A DIU teaser heavily featuring the To Be Continued arrow first appeared in October, 2015, with trailers following over the next few months. As excitement for JoJo mounted, the meme began to coalesce. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is, by some measures, the seventh largest manga series ever written and one of the best selling of all time.